{Yeah, I know of folks who think it is a kind of taboo to talk back to a doctor; but I say since you are paying for the service and they are taking your money, you are the boss

{Funny thing that a lot of folks seem not to know about, hair replacement can also be used to restore eye lashes, and eye brows, and hair on your beard. As a matter of fact, you could have your surgeon fill in scars you have had that were caused by accidents and stuff. I know it can be long and hard, but if I had such an opportunity, I’d jump right to it.|The very thought of surgery scares the living lights out of most folks. The idea of ‘going under the knife’ is not something that a lot of people like to deal with. So they are happy and excited when they are told that hair replacement is the one process that can get them the hairs that they have lost back; but they shut down when they learn that it is a surgical process. I can understand such fear, but the truth is that hair replacement surgery is not that risky; at least, compared with other types of surgical processes.|Hair replacement surgery is more or less removing skin from one part of the body to replace skin on another part. If you have a doctor who has been into face lifts for a while, you know already that you are in safe hands. The skin in the part of your body where you are not growing hair is removed and replaced with fresher and livelier skin from a part of your body where your hair still grow fine enough.}

{The idea behind hair replacement is to take tufts from areas of your skin that are still growing hairs, especially the back of your head, and then graft them to bald areas. Merely understanding the logistics of this procedure will show rather glaringly that it cannot be a short-term process. Each time a skin graft is removed and repositioned, you will have to wait until the recipient part of the skin adjusts to it, otherwise, you cannot proceed. This is why there might be several sessions before the process is complete, sometimes lasting even years.|I have seen people lose hair from off the top of their heads, and usually this lasts for years before it is complete. Perhaps it has happened sometime somewhere for someone to lose all of their hair in a couple of days, but I have not seen it. It follows that the process to grow the hair back, by transplantation, is not going to be a short one. So you should be patient when undergoing hair replacement surgery.|To regrow the hair that you have lost to baldness, you have to understand that patience is indeed a virtue. With well over 200 tufts or grafts needed to make the process as complete and successful one, you must understand that your surgeon needs to exercise meticulous care. Now this could take anything from a few months to a few years. Please, don’t be in too much of a hurry.}

{The outcome of hair replacement surgery used to be rather bleak at one time. Back then, the perfection of the procedure was only an idea, and not one that everybody had a liking for. When you went in for the operation, there was no way to be certain that you would get what you were looking for – your hair back, that is. But that was a long time ago. Today that is solved.|You cannot begin your hair transplantation today and expect to be done with it inside of a couple of weeks. After the first session, the doctor might require you to return only after a few weeks have passed. And after that second session, you might have to wait a few more weeks before you get another one. Hair transplantation takes time, and you have to be patient to get to it.}