Hair Loss Remedies for Men

The Best Hair Loss Remedies For Men

Hair loss is affecting the personality of an individual. There are several ways, including surgical and non-surgical treatment or organic ways to regrow hair for men. In this blog post, we will discuss symptoms, tips and hair loss remedies for men to help you grow your lost hair back naturally without any side effects on your body. 

Symptoms Of Hair Loss

Symptoms of Hair Loss

Several symptoms warn us about hair loss:

Baldness from sides of the head- Hair thinning or androgenetic alopecia- Dandruff- Dryness- Itching

Talk to your doctor about the best treatment option to suit your needs.

Why Do Guys Lose Their Hair?

Many reasons cause hair loss in men. Some of the factors that are affecting the growth of hair are as follows:

Why Men Lose Hair

Hot Showers

Hot water in the shower can damage hair by preventing oils produced by your body from reaching your head. A hot shower leads to alopecia, dryness and itchiness, which eventually causes hair loss.


Greying of hair in men is associated with a hormonal change in the human body known as dihydrotestosterone DHT, produced during periods of stress.


The aging process is one of the reasons for male pattern baldness, which starts in the late twenties to early thirties. 

Hair Styling Products

Hairstyling products such as hair gel, mousse, and pomades can lead to hair loss in men. These products contain chemicals that damage your scalp’s hair over time, leading to early greying or complete loss of hair.

Medical conditions and Medications

Medically, he may have to face less hair growth if a person is suffering from androgenetic alopecia or thinning hair and thyroid-related problems. Other diseases, such as cancer, chemotherapy, thalassemia, or diabetes, can cause damage to hair follicles and cause hair loss.

Some medications like Propecia affect adversely and can lead to patched baldness. According to research, patients with prostate cancer often take drugs that could lead to male patched hair loss or patterned rusticism. Some medications and supplements, such as corticosteroids, can lead to poor health of hair.

Greying of Hair

One physical cause for premature greying of hair loss is tension, as it could lead to a release of a hormone called Cortisol which is medically responsible for hair loss.

Poor Diet, Lack of Nutrients in Body and Supplements

Healthy foods, diet is used to treat alopecia and hair loss. Patients should take helpful nutrients like iron, Vitamin B12, zinc, and protein to prevent hair loss.

Many people consume multiple products to prevent hair loss. Essential extracts from plants serve several purposes. The best way to accelerate hair regrowth is by following a healthy balanced diet with sufficient proteins, vitamins, minerals and enough.

Naturally, there might be a lack of some nutrients in the body that promotes hair growth. An individual can take multivitamins and supplements to nourish it.


Hormonal imbalances like low thyroid or adrenal glands can lead to hair loss on the top of your head, dryness at the back and front, and receding hairlines.

Genetics (hereditary)

Hair loss also occurs due to genetic disorders such as (DHT) dihydrotestosterone. Some people might be more prone to early hair loss than others, and it may not have anything to do with how they live their lives. Most people lose their hair in patches such as on one’s head, eyebrows, or beard. Some trauma or illness usually causes them.

Excessive Chemicals

Chemicals in hair products such as sprays and gels can cause hair loss when absorbed by the hair shaft. If chemicals build up, certain oils won’t be able to leave the skin, causing dandruff.

Excessive Chemicals

Chemicals in hair products such as sprays and gels can cause hair loss when absorbed by the hair shaft. If chemicals build up, certain oils won’t be able to leave the skin, causing dandruff.

Stress and Disturbed sleeping routine

Stress and lack of sleep can cause hair loss, and one should try to limit their use of drugs, alcohol or smoking. Yoga helps promote healthy sleeping.

Wet Hair Combing

Wet hair combing also causes hair follicles. Hair loss is an issue that affects the individual’s personality to a great degree. Several treatments are available for responding to this condition, such as surgical and non-surgical methods or natural ways of growing hair for men. The hair fibers become more porous and sensitive when they are wet, which means they break more easily.

Professional Treatments Hair transplants

Hair transplantation is the best treatment for men experiencing severe hair loss and no natural way to recover. Professionals can determine if a patient is eligible for transplant surgery based on their specific needs.

Professional Treatments Hair Transplants

➢ Laser treatment: If you are experiencing hair loss and do not want to shave your head, laser treatment is a way to regrow hair for men. Laser treatment only requires one session, which lasts about 60 minutes per day.➢ Radiation Therapy: Another possible contributor to regrowing hair is radiation therapy. The primary benefit of radiation therapy is that it can treat a wide variety of cancers. Radiation therapy employs ionizing energy to kill the cancer cells and stop them from growing or dividing into new ones. This process also helps to prevent future growth as well.➢ Follicular unit transplantation (FUT): Follicular unit transplantation is another procedure to regrow hair. This process does not involve surgery but rather takes small, natural plugs of skin harvested from the scalp and then transplanted naturally into areas where there has been thinning or loss of coverage.Follicular unit extraction (FUE) Follicular unit extraction is a natural and non-surgical technique for the regrowth of hair. This process involves the use of tiny punches, which are inserted into the skin to extract follicular units.➢ Follicle-stimulating hormones: This hormone is known as FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone that can help with the stimulation of hair growth. The production of FSH hormone is natural, but medication can increase its production.➢ Follicular Transplantation (FT): FT is performed by taking grafts from a different part of your scalp and transplanting them to areas where hair loss occurs to restore or create natural coverage for those bald patches that may have occurred as a result.

Supplements for Hair loss in Men

Supplements (vitamins)

  • Vitamins: Taking vitamins daily also helps with hair growth. Vitamin E helps to maintain follicle health by increasing blood flow and oxygen supply.
  • Red ginseng: Red ginseng has helped to stimulate hair follicles for centuries.
  • Biotin: This vitamin B helps with protein formation that is good for healthy hair growth. The natural sources include bananas, eggs, strawberries, cottage cheese, cabbage, broccoli and sunflower seeds that are high in biotin.

Hair Loss Treatments

There are multiple treatments available such as surgical, non-surgical, and natural ways to regrow lost hair. The natural way includes using various herbs to help grow new hairs without any serious damage or chemicals.

Fatty acid: Fatty acids are for hair that protects the scalp from outside elements like water, dirt and sun rays. An essential fatty acid is a linoleic acid which has been found helpful.Amino Acids: Amino Acids are natural muscle builders and have properties that can help in the regrowth of hair. They rebuild damaged tissues, including scalp cells which is a key to natural hair growth.Herbs: Some natural herbs such as cayenne pepper, black seed oil, or nettle leaf extracts contain natural substances that can help hair regrow. These natural herbs are very beneficial for the scalp’s health and provide deep nourishment, which is necessary to stimulate hair growth.Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega fatty acids are natural fats that have many benefits for the human. They can help in hair regrowth by providing nutrients to scalp cells and improving blood circulation, an essential requirement of natural hair growth.Protein: For the proper functioning of various tissues, including skin, muscles, bones, protein intake is necessary.Zinc boosts tissue growth and repair, and zinc Promotes hair growth.

Natural Ways to Regrow Hair for Men

There are natural ways to regrow hair that will not cause any side effects. Some natural treatments to grow hair include essential oils, vitamins, and nutrients (vitamins A, B-12, C & D).

Vitamin C:

It is important for your immune system and helps produce collagen, responsible for good skin health, promoting natural hair growth.

Vitamin D:

It is the natural form of the vitamin that helps maintain a good immune system and improves calcium absorption, which helps promote natural hair growth.

Dietary Routine


The best way to regrow hair naturally is by drinking plenty of water. Drinking lots of water improves blood circulation in the body, including the scalp.

Fruits and Vegetables:

Fruits are rich in natural vitamins and minerals vital for natural hair growth. Vegetables have antioxidants that maintain the immune system, thereby promoting natural hair regrowth. Vegetables include vitamin D that is important for a good immune system and collagen production, leading to better skin health and natural hair growth.

Egg Yolk:

Drink egg yolk with free milk to provide natural fatty acids vital for natural hair growth.

Green tea:

Green tea is beneficial for hair as it helps to strengthen damaged roots and bulbs of hair. It also prevents natural hair loss. Green tea is rich in caffeine and antioxidants, which promote natural hair growth.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has natural properties for the natural regrowth of lost hair as it contains proteins.

Pumpkin seeds:

Pumpkin seed helps with hormonal balance, promoting natural hair color and natural hair growth.

Organic Remedies

It is possible to restore a natural way of losing hair by following some tips. These natural remedies are beneficial in preventing or reducing the risk of harming our health and help us with stress relief.

Remedies To Regrow Hair For Men

– Ginger: Ginger plays a potent role in naturally stopping hair loss; it is an effective remedy for hair loss.– Eggs: Add eggs to the diet as they have natural nutrients which help with hair growth.– Coconut Oil: Adding coconut oil to your daily routine helps increase circulation and relieve stress, thereby giving strength to roots and reducing.– Onion juice: Onion juice makes your hair follicles stronger, thereby reducing the hair loss natural ways to regrow hair for men.

Topical treatments (Oil Massage)

Doctors recommend topical treatment followed by either surgical or non-surgical treatment to cure the hair issues. Topical massage treatment is a natural remedy for restoring natural hair growth.

➢ Castor oil:Castor oil has natural benefits, and it is used as a natural topical treatment to restore lost hair natural ways to regrow the hair of men.➢ Olive Oil:Olive oil contains natural antibacterial properties that can be useful in preventing scalp infection and help hair grow faster.➢ Coconut Oil:Coconut oil is a natural way to promote hair growth because it contains fatty acids like lauric acid, capric acid. It is natural, and also it doesn’t promote any further damage.➢ Jojoba Oil:Use this for hair growth because of its natural properties. It nourishes the scalp and removes excess sebum from the head.➢ Almond oil:Almonds have natural moisturizing properties, which are ideal for addressing dryness at your hair roots. It also helps to reduce inflammation from the scalp and natural hair growth properties that help get rid of dandruff problems.➢ Pumpkin Seed Oil:This natural remedy is made from pumpkin seed extract and has natural hair growth properties that can accelerate this procedure.➢ Argan oil :This type of natural oil helps to regulate sebum production, which in turn promotes faster hair regrowth. It also protects your head against inflammation and other skin disorders like psoriasis.➢ Black Cumin Oil:It is natural, and its therapeutic properties are well known. It has been used traditionally for various purposes, from treating wounds to hair loss prevention, as it boosts blood circulation to the scalp, improving the follicle’s function.➢ Castor Oil:This natural extract has been used traditionally by many people as it improves hair follicles. You can apply castor oil.➢ Myrrh:This natural oil helps in balancing sebum production, which also promotes natural growth.

Best Natural Homemade Tips for Hair Growth

Henna: Henna contains iron, calcium, zinc, copper, and many other important nutrients for hair growth, and it does not have any side effects.Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is an organic remedy to stop natural hair loss. The natural properties of this remedy stimulate the growth process and provide nourishment to your scalp for naturally good-looking hair.Organic Shampoo: Non-surgical treatment for male pattern baldness is shampooing with natural herbs that are rich in proteins and minerals.Alcoholism and smoking: The natural way to regrow lost hair is by limiting alcohol intake and caffeine consumption for a certain time. Men need to continue exercising regularly as high-intensity exercises like running can cause early thinning at the crown area due to cortisol release.Hair Mask: Hair masks are used on the scalp and leave overnight. These masks can be natural or store-bought, depending on your preference.Exercise: Exercise is important for a sound body and natural hair regrowth. The natural way to regrow hair for men is by taking a break from high-intensity exercises and drinking less alcohol and caffeine. Smoking causes early thinning of hair at the crown area due to cortisol release.


Get a checkup monthly to diagnose and get the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. Adopt natural ways to regrow hair to prevent baldness. Check out, it’s a great natural spray for hair, with great reviews and success stories.

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